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RSCL Sterling

D.O.B: May 4th, 2003
Platinum Berkshire Velveteen Dumbo
Bred By: Rattie Rascals Rattery
Sire: 6H Silver
RSCL Beezus of Mintercreek
Sired Litters: none
Health: Great
Notes: Sterling belongs to my sister and lives with Crush. Sterling is a sweet, fun and playful guy, he loves his little cage mate, he is always wrestling and running around with him.

ree for RSCL Sterling:

Parents Grandparents Great Grandparents Great Great Grandparents
6H Silver - Platinum Velveteen d/c 6H Looking Into the Sun - Pearl 6H Mad King George - Manx Silver Mink 6H Gorgeous George II - Manx Black
6H Lumeling - Mink
6H Mother of Pearl - Pearl Merle 6H Lumier II - Pearl Merle
6H Ashling - Silver Mink
RvR Juniper Berry of 6H - Platinum Dumbo MRC The Agouti Guy - Agouti
Champion MRC Joey - Agouti American Berkshire Dumbo
MRC So Naughty - Blue Rex
Champion RH Fieona - Platinum Dumbo Rex RH Myles - Champagne Dumbo
RH Claudia - Pearl Merle Berkshire Rex
RSCL Beezus of Mintercreek - Blue Bareback Dumbo Khat's BoCo - Chocolate Dumbo Rex Khat's Tweedle Dee - Beige Dumbo Khat's Blue - Blue Dumbo
Khat's Beige - Beige dumbo
Khat's Blu Pearl - Blue Dumbo Rex Khat's Piper - Black Blazed Dumbo Rex
Khat's Bluebelle - Blue Satin
RF Wren - Blue Irish Dumbo SPR Murphy - Blue Dumbo MSR Sebastian - Dumbo-Eared Blue
SPR Saffi - Dumbo-Eared Blue Berkshire Rex
RFR Moo - Black Split-Cap Dumbo Kumquat - Dumbo-Eared Blue Agouti Rex
RSCL Kameo - Dumbo-Eared Odd-Eyed Lynx Capped