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AP Dreama x AP Scooby - Born 1/30/01   Hairless dumbo baby and my cat!

Lilac Variberk rex buck from AP Missy x RSCL Dewey - Born 5/13/01  SSRM Charm x AP Scooby - Born 3/19/01


Russian blue cap-stripe dumbo rex buck from SPR Solo x AP Evian - Born 7/25/01  Hairless boy from SSPR Grayce x SPR Solo - Born 7/24/01

Black dalmation dumbo rex doe from SPR Solo x AP Evian - Born 7/25/01  Siamese dumbo rex doe from AP Destiny x AP Thor - Born 9/20/01

From left to right: Fawn self standard ear buck- FT Stella x RSCL Dewey - 11/16/01, Beige variberk dumbo buck "Dewey II" - AP Ethel x RSCL Dewey - 11/05/01, Black berkshire lightning blaze dumbo buck "Ranger" - AP Harmony x AP Storm - 11/08/01....phew!


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