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AP Jetta x AP Rookie
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Born: February 7th, 2003
Weaned Around: March 13th, 2003
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All babies placed, thank you!

Boys                                        Girls

Playtime Pictures

Jetta delivered 12 big, healthy, squeaking babies 2/07/03! We have 8 girls and 4 boys! 
Jetta is being an excellent mom. Below are some pictures!

The boys, 1 week old

The girls, 1 week old 

2/10/03, the 4 boys are at the end

Taking a snack break...she is such a good mama :)

Jetta with her babies

2/07/03...just hour old babies

Jetta 2/05/03, look how much fatter she
got in just a few days!

Jetta 2/02/03

Jetta and Rookie 1/17/03

The parents
: Jetta and Rookie. This will be an awesome litter of babies! Jetta is
so sweet, loves to give kisses and Rookie is a big squishy mellow sweet heart too! 
What we expect: All dumbos, all standard coats. Colors should be blue, black,
probably champagne and possibly mink, silver or platinum.
Should have some nice
 markings too! Excellent temperaments and health!

Please e-mail or call if interested **