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~ The Girls ~

AP Truly Beautiful
HTR Hermione
AP Jetta
AP Lucky Ducky
AP Eve


 ~ The Boys ~

MAR Webster
CR Rocky
AP Rookie
AP Xander
AP Rodeo
LRR Marbles


~ Retired/Placed Ratties ~

Destiny of AP
Harmony of AP
AP Missy
AP Ethel
FT Stella
BSR Buffy
AP Lone Ranger
RSCL Taffy
SSP Grayce
HTR Princess Mia
AP Glory
MAR Hollywood
RR Lexi
MAR Tess

~ Rattery Initials ~

AP - Angel Paws Rattery
SSP - Stevens Silly Paws Rattery
MAR - Marwin Rattery
SRR - Spoiled Ratten Rattery
LRR - Li'l Rugrats Rattery
BR - Brat Rattery
BSR - Blue Snow Rattery
FT - Fairy Tale Rattery
RR - Ratz Realm Rattery
RSCL - Rattie Rascals Rattery
SPR - Spiralrat Rattery
HTR - Happy Tails Rattery
TBMR - TerBriaMon Rattery
RMR - Rodentry Madre Rattery