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These are rats that have been apart of our breeding program and were placed with other breeders or into retirement homes.


Destiny of AP
Silver Mink Blazed Berkshire Dumbo

RSCL Taffy
Platinum Blazed Berkshire Dumbo, Double Odd-eye Velveteen

HTR Princess Mia
Blue Point Siamese Dumbo Veleveteen

AP Glory
Silver Agouti Blazed Berkshire Dumbo Odd-eye

MAR Hollywood
Mink Varigated

RR Lexi
Beige Hairless

MAR Tess
Lilac Berkshire

AP Truly Beautiful
Beige (?) Hairless Odd-Eyed Dumbo

AP Lucky Ducky
Agouti Hairless

HTR Hermione
Blue Agouti Self Dumbo Rex

RG Icee
m/m BEW Dumbo

AP Jetta
Blue m/m Capped Dumbo

AP Eve
Platinum Berkshire Dumbo Rex

RG Racer
Agouti Berkshire Down Under Velveteen


AP Lone Ranger
Black Berkshire Lightning Blaze Dumbo