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We adopted our two hairless ratties, Lucky Ducky and Lizzie, from Angel Paws Rattery and are extremely pleased with the new additions to our family. Both girls are very friendly and full of personality, willing to do anything for a yogurt treat. They love to explore, but still run back to snuggle. They make great pets for adults and children alike, and are very gentle, even with our toddler. Thanks, Sandy!

The George Family

We got two brothers from Angel Paws Rattery, and they were incredibly sweet companions for our kids. Named Cookie and Cookie Dough, they were always gentle and full of personality. Cookie Dough was the intrepid explorer and trapeze artist, while Cookie was the cuddly "lap rat." They both loved exploring a rumpled bed and riding on our shoulders. They also liked going on field trips to our kids' classrooms. They were wonderful social little critters, and we miss them every day.

Hi Sandy,

Here is a recent pic of Nibbles. (The students wanted to name him
Nibbles.) We are loving our little baby. He stays in the classroom
during the week and comes home with me on the weekends. He is the
SWEETEST rattie in the world and is loved by many. You raise wonderful,
healthy and well-socialized ratties. Thank you!

Deb and Pat White
The two boys that I purchased from Angel Paws Rattery are in my opinion one of the finest breeds with the best disposition I have run across in a very long time. I enjoy, along with the rest of my family the love and attention that both Cheech and Chong (from Hollywood x Webster litter) give to us. For those who are looking to make a rat a pet and companion, "Angel Paws" is the way to go.


Thank you so much!  We have been very happy with our boys:  Scooter - a dumbo, blue, berkshire, rex; and Davy - dumbo, ruby-eyed, silver-hooded, standard.  They are very healthy and friendly. Scooter is a snuggler, and Davy loves to explore! We will definitely come to you for any future ratties.

Lisa Fortunati
I recently adopted two baby girl dumbo rats from Angel Paws Rattery. I have owned pet store rats for years, and so many times it ended up in heartbreak due to the fact that the pet store rats often carried illnesses not known to me when I adopted them. My new dumbos
(now age 3 months) are adorable, healthy, and happy. This is thanks to Sandy and her wonderful rattery. Her ratties are all well loved, well cared for, and just plain old spoiled rotten before adoption. Thank you Sandy for my wonderful little girls!!

Dawn Dann

Sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you. I've been really busy with school and playing with my new rat! I am so happy with her! We named her Penelope (Penny for short) and my other rat Cera is so happy to have a little friend. I have included some pictures so you can see how she is doing. She's very hard to photograph because she doesn't like to sit still and miss out on any of the action. She is wonderful and has a great personality. I will definitely come back to you if I get any more rats in the future.
Thank you!