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~ Adoption Information ~

Our rats are available to approved homes and responsible breeders only. At time of purchase adopters with be required to sign a pet or breeding contract.

If you are under 18 please have one of your parent or guardian call or e-mail to make sure it is okay to reserve a rat from us. Also please consult all people in your household to make sure they are okay with you obtaining rats and aren't allergic to them.

We only sell my rats in same sex pairs, unless you have a rat of the same sex already at home. I ask that you find a rat knowledgeable vet in your area before you get the rat incase anything should ever happen. You should have the rats cage set up before you bring him/her home and have all the supplies ready. This should include a proper cage, a non toxic litter (pine and cedar are toxic to rats), food, water bottle, toys etc. We strongly encourage that you place your new rat/s under a 2-3 week quarantine if you already have rats at home, info on quarantine and how to do it will be sent home with the new rat/s.

If at any time you can no longer keep the rat/s, we ask that you contact us first so that we may possibly take them back or help you to find the rat/s a home.

Our rats are NOT feeders and will not be sold to feed any other animals. We also do not sell rats to be used for the breeding of feeders. 

We do not ship at this time, as we feel the shipping methods currently available to small animal breeders have proved dangerous and is not worth risking the rat/s life.

We ask that if anything should come up with the rats health at anytime that you notify us of their condition, it is very important that you do, so we can notify people who have siblings of your rat and also so we can evaluate future breeding plans.

Prices are usually $10-$30 depending on type and intent (pet only or breeding contract).

When you get a rat from us we provide a care packet, info on quarantine, pedigree, pictures of parents and food they are currently on. If you are getting a hairless or double rex we will provide a care sheet for them.

~ Reserving ~

In order to reserve a rat from us you must agree to all of the above terms and send a deposit for the rat/s you want. When you e-mail me about availability of rats please include information about yourself:

Where are you located? Will you be able to pick up the rat/s?
Are you a member of any rat club/organization? If so please tell me what ones 
Do you currently have rats? or have had rats before? If so please tell me about them
How do you plan to care for your new rat/s or how do you care for your current rats? Cage, food, etc.
Please tell me a little bit about yourself!
Do you plan to breed rats or do you breed rats?

Do you own any other animals? Do you breed any other animals?

Last but not least, what ratties are you interested in?