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~ Clubs ~

AFRMA - American Fancy Rat and Mouse Association.
RMCA - Rat & Mouse Club of America.
RMFE - Rat and Mouse Fanciers for Excellence.
The Rat Fan Club
NFRS - based in UK

~ Message boards and forums ~

Rats - AOL only
Rat Palace Forum
Rats Rule!
Acme Rat and Mouse board
Yahoo! Groups : CaliforniaRats
Yahoo! Groups : BARATTYCHAT

~ Shopping and toys ~

Martin Cages
Fern Cages
Homemade Toy Idea's
Wodent Wheel
The Pet Place
The Ferret Store

~ Care and breeding ~

Fancy Rat FAQ
Eva's Rat Color & Genetics page
Pet rats - Suite 101
AristoRats Home Page
A Rats Guide
Homeopathy and Rats
Caring for Orphaned Babies
Introduction To The Rat Race
SDA - Sialodacryoadentitis Virus
Drug Chart
Why Rats Need Company

~ Breeders/Rescues ~

Rodent Breeders Listing - ALL OVER

Rattie Ratz Rat Rescue - Woodside, CA
Pure Mischief Rattery - Fremont, CA
Catalyst Rattery - Santa Clarita, CA
Rattie Rascals Rattery - Port Orchard, WA
Spoiled Ratten Rattery - Kansas City, MO
Spiralrat Rattery - Pullman, WA
Whole Rat Rattery - Austin, TX
Little Dickens Rattery - Portland, OR

~ Just cool rattie sites ~

Virginia's Rat Page
Fancy Rat Color
Rat World
Rodent Fancy
Wererats Lair
The Rodent Habit
Rat Sauce
Ratties' Room
The RatStuff web sit
The Spaz Rats
Suebee's Rats Rule

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