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AP Missy

D.O.B: January 21, 2001
D.O.D: May 9th, 2003 - tumor related -
Black Split Cap Velveteen, carries mink and dumbo
Bred By: Angel Paws Rattery
Sire: AP Scooby
Dam: Darla
Litters: 1 with RSCL Dewey (Kept AP Ethel)
Health: Great, but tumor in June '02, was removed but another found in November '02
Temperament: Fantastic
Missy has character totally! She will roam around my room and as soon as I call her she comes and jumps in my lap and kisses me....she is very sweet and has a fantastic temperament. She is the only rattie that has even went camping with us! Unfortunately Missy has developed mammary tumors so I have retired her line :*(

Pedigree for AP Missy:

Parents Grandparents Great Grandparents

AP Scooby - Black Hooded Velveteen d/c

Mr. B - PEW Double Rex Dumbo, Carried Blue unknown
Drusilla - Beige Berkshire d/c, Carried Blue unknown
Darla - Mink Capped unknown unknown
unknown unknown