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AP Xander

D.O.B: July 1st, 2002
D.O.D: April 17th, 2003 - bowel problems - I really don't know what happened to Xander, some type of bowel problem, I tried everything I could to help him but nothing worked. He was a sweet heart of a boy and I am so glad I kept his only daughter. I still cannot believe he is gone, so young :(

Type: Mink Odd-eyed Blazed-banded Dumbo Rex, carries blue and RED
Bred By: Angel Paws Rattery
Sire: SRR Webster
Dam: RSCL Taffy
Sired Litters: 1 with HTR Hermione
Health: Great
Temperament: Great
Notes: Xander is an awesome guy, originally he lived with a friend of mine but she could no longer keep him so I took him back and couldn't let this little sweet heart go! He is now one of my biggest boys, what I call "squishy." He has such a wonderful temperament, everyone who meets him loves him!

Pedigree for AP Xander:



Great Grandparents

Great Great Grandparents

SRR Webster - 
Blue mottled dumbo

YOTR Wegman -
Blue varigated dumbo

RR Abbot -
Black blazed capped dumbo

PS Spencer -
Mismarked BEW

RR Pugslina -
Black capped

YOTR Wisteria -
Black vari-berk dumbo rex

LM Wolfgang -
BEW rex dumbo

YOTR Wilhelmena -
Black rex self dumbo

MAR Pansy -
Lilac berkshire d/c

MAR Bouncer -
Blue berkshire dumbo

MAR Arthur -
Beige hooded d/c
Rogue's Ginger -
Lilac self d/c

DrD Splash -
Pearl merle

 Unknown -
Pearl merle

Unknown -
Pearl merle

RSCL Taffy - 
Platinum Blazed Berkshire Dumbo, Double Odd-eye Velveteen

KR Cosmo - Blue Fawn Husky Dumbo Rex, Odd-eye

RSCL Stewart - Satin Blue Fawn Dumbo

RSCL Ice Man
- Blue Dumbo

NWSSR Cinnamon
- Cinnamon Dumbo Satin

KR Bela "Betsey" -  Cap Stripe Huskey, Dumbo Rex

MAR Lightning - Lynx Blazed-Banded Dumbo, Double Odd-eye

NWSSR Kiessa - Black American Berkshire Dumbo Rex

RSCL Princess - Beige Self Dumbo

Khat's BoCo - Cocoa Dumbo Rex

Khat's Tweedle Dee - Satin Beige Dumbo

 Khat's Blu Pearl - Blue Dumbo Rex

RSCL Sunflower - Satin Fawn Irish Dumbo

RSCL Ice Man
- Blue Dumbo

NWSSR Cinnamon
- Cinnamon Dumbo Satin